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Pork rinds and pork skins are a great low carbohydrate snack (low carb is less than 1% carbohydrates). We cook our pork rinds daily to insure freshness and to provide you with a superior product. We offer a large variety of pork rind and pork skin products for your enjoyment.



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Pork Rind Strips

Pork Rind Strips

Original pork rind Cracklins

Original Cracklins

Pork rind cracklins are available with Plain, Salt & Vinegar, Sweet & Mild BBQ and Red Pepper seasoning.  This is a great crunchy pork skin snack and a real favorite of our customers. To enter our wholesale store, click on the shopping cart below:

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Historically cracklins are small pieces of pork skins frequently used in the South as an ingredient in making cracklin cornbread.  Cracklins enhance the flavor of the cornbread and is a southern delicacy that I love to eat. We have captured the flavor of the old south in  this delicious pork rind snack. Our cracklins are cooked using premium pork rind pellets, cut to our specifications. We offer original pork rind cracklins which are cut into small crunchy pieces. In addition we have developed several innovations which have become real favorites of our customers. Fried pork rind Popcorn Cracklins is our newest product. These pork rinds are about the size of popcorn shrimp. Fried pork rind skins is another variation of our pork rind products. They are cut into 1 to 2 inch thin strips which tend to curl as they cook. The are for folks who like a harder crunch in their snacks. They are flavored with red pepper as well as our traditional "plain" seasoning. All of our pork skin products have zero carbohydrates.