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Pork rinds and pork skins are a great low carbohydrate snack (low carb is less than 1% carbohydrates). We cook our pork rinds daily to insure freshness and provide you with a superior product. 



Pork Rinds

Orginal Pork RindsOriginal Pork Rinds

Hot BBQHot BBQ Pork Rinds

Sweet and Mild BBQ Pork RindsMild BBQSalt and Vineger Pork Rinds

Salt and Vinegar

Pork skins and pork rinds are produced as traditional, cracklings or fat back snacks. Please read the information below on each of these types.  

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Pork Rind Popcorn Cracklins is a new product that has just been released. These porkrinds are crunchy byte size pork skins flavored with a touch of red pepper seasoning. This is a low carb snack and is generating a high level of repeat customer orders. We are now offering popcorn caracklins with our original seasoning for those who do not like the red pepper. 

Pork Rind Strips are very crunchy strips offered with our mild or red pepper seasoning. This is a low carbohydrate product and has developed a loyal following. Like our popcorn cracklins, this product offers the highest per item profit. 

Traditional Pork Rinds a lite and puffed porkskin snack that is offered in a variety of seasonings. Plain, Sweet & Mild BBQ, Salt & Vinegar, and Hot BBQ pork skins. This is a low carbohydrate product and is thought of as the traditional pork skin snack. 

Pork Rind Cracklins are smaller crisp and crunchy pork skins. This is a low carbohydrate porkskin product and is a traditional favorite in the South. 

Fat Back Pork Rinds  are crunchy fried pork skins with some fat left attached. This is a low carbohydrate product and is part of our traditional line of products. We offer these pork rinds in our original and hot BBQ flavors. We suggest restaurants serve these low carb snacks for guests to snack on when they are seated.

Distribute pork rinds: You can develop your own home based products providing low carb snacks to a variety of  outlets such as restaurants, clubs, schools, coops and retailers. Consider starting your own distributorship.

Consumers: Buy you wholesale snacks at our site. We offer low carb foods at various levels of discounts. Even if you are a consumer you can enjoy low carb snacks at wholesale prices.


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Distributors: Become a distributor of Carolina Country Snacks pork rinds and pork skins. Enjoy a 49% discount and free shipping. We suggest you start with our fried  popcorn cracklins and pork rind strips. Each package of these pork rinds retail for $1.99 and provide the highest profit margin. Select Level 3 when you register as a distributor.

Retailers: Start with our level 2 discount and start with  our  popcorn cracklins and strips. We believe you will soon be ordering additional products. 

Consumers: Since your discount is determined by the dollar  amount of the order you place, it is to your advantage to order off of this site as well. 

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